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    • Let’s introduce ourselves to the community and welcome new team members!

    • Hi team!
      I am based out of New York. Looking forward to having all of you on board to build a powerful team and community.

      Vipin Makhija

    • Tanmay

        Hi All,
        I am an aspiring Product Manager and I am currently finishing off my last semester of the Full-Time MBA program at Northeastern University, Boston.
        I have ~1-year experience of working as a Product Manager at Zipcar.
        I worked on building mobile app features to help Zipcar customers to self-serve from service impacts.
        I am excited to get started and to build the product along with all of you.
        Tanmay Lonkar

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      • Kishan

          Hello everyone,

          I am very excited to get started with this initiative.
          Looking forward to connecting with you all!

          LinkedIn Profile

        • Rahul


            Glad to be on board. I’m a master’s student at Carnegie Mellon – majoring in Product and Service Innovation. Having worked as a project manager in IT services for 7 years, I’m working towards transitioning to product management.

            I can’t think of a better way to learn than collaborating with like-minded people and working on a live project. Excited to meet you all and get started.

            – Rahul
            Happy to connect on LinkedIn

          • Pratham Doshi

              Hey There!
              My name is Pratham Doshi! I am based off in San Jose, California. I have been working in the industry for 2+ years. Currently a PM at the Clorox Company. I moved to the states when I was 16 and before that, I grew up in India. My hobbies include Travelling, Piano and reading books. I am excited for this opportunity and am looking forward to collaborating with everyone on this team.


            • Raoul

                Hey everyone!

                My name is Raoul! I am based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I have multiple years of experience in customer support and 2+ years in Project Management at an early stage startup. Currently, I’m in between jobs and taking this time to break into Product Management. I like working on side projects and launched take care last January. My hobbies include traveling, listening to music/ going to concerts, and playing soccer. Excited to meet you all and get started. with this project.

                – Raoul
                Happy to connect on LinkedIn

              • Shalini

                  Hi Team,

                  I am Shalini. Working as a Business Analyst in Edmonton, Canada. In addition to Business Analysis, I have experience in Operations management as well. My hobbies include cooking and travelling. So looking forward to working with you all.

                  Happy day !

                • Rosanna

                    Hi! My name is Rosanna and I am from Italy. I have 10+ years of experience as Project Manager in NGO sector before and now in start up. I would like to transition to a Product Manager role in digital area and I think that working directly on an actual proposal will be helpful to my transition process.
                    Looking forward to working together!


                  • Runa

                      Hi All,
                      I am Runa. I have over 10 years of experience working for a Fortune 50 Insurance company with experience in solution architecture and product. I am working towards transitioning into a senior product-focused role. I am excited to collaborate and work with all of you.
                      Happy to connect on LinkedIn.

                    • Treasure

                        Hello, I am glad to be here.

                        I am a recent graduate with 2 years of experience in IT. I am working towards settling as a PM.

                      • Rajandeep

                          Hello All,

                          I am Rajandeep, recently moved to Canada from India. A Technology Strategy consultant by profession having around 10 years of experience in helping clients achieve business objectives across globe through Technology transformations.

                          I love to travel, working on jigsaw puzzles with my kid and weight lifting.

                          Excited to be part of this group and work on this opportunity right from start.

                          Happy to connect on LinkedIn

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                        • Allison

                            Hi All,

                            My name is Allison, and I’m based in Jersey City, New Jersey. I’m an aspiring Product Manager with a background in apparel product development, e-commerce (site experience), and business operations.

                            I’m excited to work and learn with you all.


                          • Navd

                              Hi All,

                              I am based out of the East Coast & have experience primarily as a Business Analyst & Program Manager for enterprise clients across the globe. Looking forward to learning the finer nuances of product management & connecting with you all!


                            • Kim

                                Hello Everyone,

                                Happy to connect with you all.

                                About me:
                                Ex management consultant
                                International lMBA grad
                                Network connector that brings together global minds to achieve mutually beneficial success
                                Innovative, creative and visionary thinker
                                World Traveler

                                What I’ve done:
                                Helped organizations transform to digital web and cloud based solutions
                                Managed operations, empower teams, lead people with empathy, High EQ to collectively deliver and execute on projects

                                What I am doing:
                                Help create and build business ventures
                                Advise startup CEOS, SMEs devise strategies for operational growth and development

                                Where I need to be:
                                Actively seeking full time paid Director of Ops/Head of Ops, Business Strategy & Operations, People Leader, Empower Officer, Efficiency Leader type roles with a scaling tech startup, SME in Europe, remote in a globally collaborative environment. If you know of any companies, please let me know? Same if you know of people I can connect with, that would be amazing. Thank you in advance. If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know.


                              • Ahdithan

                                  Hi Everyone,
                                  My name is Ahdithan, currently an Associate Product Manager at Cisco for the past year.
                                  Prior to Cisco, I graduated in Spring’19 from San Jose State University with a BS in Management Information Systems. Currently looking to build more skills and portfolio to become a Product Manager in the B2C world. I am looking forward to learning from everyone and getting more project experience to gain along my Product Management path.

                                  Feel free to add me on Linkedin

                                • Blessing

                                    Hi everyone,
                                    I am Blessing, a Product Owner/Business Analyst working with a Digital Agency in the UK.

                                    I love trying out and creating new recipes ‘cooking’ at my leisure.
                                    I’m excited to be here, to collaborate,share knowledge and learn from us all.

                                    I’m happy to connect with you all

                                  • Nikhil

                                      Hi Team!

                                      It’s great to connect with you all. I am a masters student at Columbia University where I major in quantitative finance and financial technology. Based in New York City.

                                      I’m an ex-management consultant and VC investment professional. Really excited to be a part of this group and work together to build something cool!

                                      – Nikhil
                                      Feel free to add me :

                                    • Aouie G.

                                        Hello everyone,
                                        I’m Aouie and I’m currently based in Henderson, Nevada. I’ve had 7 years of experience in apparel product development in Asia Pacific markets but I am now looking to pivot my career into Product Management.

                                        Looking forward to working with (and learning from) you all!


                                      • Sagar

                                          Hi All,

                                          I am an MBA graduate from Georgetown University. I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering. My background includes working in the retail, e-commerce and more recently Fintech industry. I’m passionate about providing consumers with honest and intuitive experiences while also aiding cross-functional partners with their business growth and goals. I love thinking about and building customer-centric products that decrease friction and increase engagement.

                                          Looking forward getting know and learning from each other on this journey to build world class products.

                                          Sagar Aggarwal

                                        • Nikhil

                                            Good to know about you all, Hi !!

                                            I am Nikhil, from Delhi,IN and would be soon relocating to Canada. I am MBA and technology degree holder and a PG certificate holder in data sciences AI with more than a decade of experience in fintech products as tech product manager, business analyst and product account manager. Never keep myself away from latest tech.

                                            In addition I have been co-founder of IOT/Blockchain communities and also mentored various startups in product building/technology space on a voluntary basis.

                                            I intend to move into a full time product manager role and welcome the opportunity to be a part of this wonder full initiative.

                                            Nikhil Gupta

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                                          • Hello Everyone , I’m Jadatharan , you can call me Jada . I’m an aspiring product manager from India , I have been part of IT sector in US healthcare domain for more than a decade and excited to be here . Looking forward to it !!!
                                            My linked profile –

                                          • Nick Giroux

                                              Hi Everyone,

                                              My name is Nick, I am a freelance PM based in Brooklyn, NYC. I graduated from NYU with a degree in Behavioral Economics and have worked in the real estate, finance and healthcare spaces. I have 4 years for product experience. Looking forward to working on this with you all!



                                            • Gaurav Dhingra

                                                Hey everyone
                                                I am Gaurav Dhingra. I have been in working in quality engineering from past 10 years and now looking to pivot in to Products. I am looking forward to collaborating, working together and learn along the way.


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